Virtual Accessibility

Nāngloi Jāt People are finding more innovative ways to use virtual worlds for communication, education and accessibility.

Kutno For instance, what if you were paralysed? ” A paralysed man using only his brain waves has been able to manipulate a virtual Internet character, Japanese researchers said Monday, calling it a world first. The 41-year-old patient used his imagination to make his character take a walk and chat to another virtual person on the popular Second Life website. “… “In the experiment, he wore headgear with three electrodes monitoring brain waves related to his hands and legs. Even though he cannot move his legs, he imagined that his character was walking. He was then able to have a conversation with the other character using an attached microphone, said the researchers at Japan’s Keio University. It is the first time a paralysis patient has succeeded in meeting a person and having a conversation in an Internet virtual world, they added.”

(hat tip Kim Flintoff)

Or what if you had autism?

It’s a great opportunity for connection.

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