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Time to start a public blog!

I’m loving emerging technologies right now,virtual worlds and web 2.0(but hey, why version it?)
We are on the verge of something big – “a mixed reality perfect storm” .Although there seems to be a lot of toe-dipping and not so clever attempts to replicate business models into this medium, I think the possibilities are enormous and gaming culture will be a huge influencer on the future of the web & v-business. I am fascinated in the potential social and learning applications. Its great to be a part of it.

I have seen some good examples of philanthropic use of secondlife by the Global Kids Digital Media Initiative in NY, who made a machinama about child soldiers in Africa – incidentally I am raising funds this month along with some friends for rescued child soldiers – email me if you want an angel bookmark for $10 (au)!!

These kids have done some great work. They love feedback on their blog.

And of course there have been many places I have come across in SL raising money for cancer, reforestation and others.
I would love to know about other social applications of secondlife and other virtual worlds – please share your ideas! And thanks for stopping by!

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