Virtual Essentials

Five virtual essentials

Avatar. Remember this music video about the person who dares to be different?
I like flexibility in choosing how my avatar looks, and I am always fascinated by the many different ways people choose to represent themselves. If you look “out of the box” I am less likely to approach you straight away. If your virtual world has limited choice of avatars, I will not connect well with my virtual environment. Avatars help us to connect

Social Networking. Groups. Chat History. Profiles. Who’s online now. That sort of thing.

Information Design. Choose a simple, powerful and even remarkable way to share your ideas, concepts and information. Don’t just try to impress me with things that spin or flash.

Interestingness. This should be even more than instant messaging on steroids. Think of novel ways to hold meeting. Be strategic in your approach. Instead of sitting boxed in a square room behind a table to have a meeting in a virtual world, be creative, make the experience immersive and interactive so I don’t end up checking my RSS feeds or Twitter instead.

Make it matter. Don’t waste my time. Stick to the agenda. Give me a reason. Think about purpose.

This was actually a response to a conversation behind the firewall, but I thought I would share it here too :) These are just five essentials, but of course there are so many more. What are yours?

One thought on “Virtual Essentials

  1. Julie

    Thanks for your comment. It was so much fun to hear from you, all the way from Australia! My husband lived in Sydney for a few years and loved it. Someday I hope to pay your beautiful country a visit. Also, my husband currently works for IBM. Small world.

    How did you stumble upon our blog? It’s always fun to connect the dots.

    Again, thanks for your comment.

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