Virtual Memories

How do you capture a virtual memory? How can you log a moment that happened in a virtual world?

A photo or machinima may capture the image, perhaps I would need to lifelog it to preserve the moment with tags; other snapshots; a real life image of myself at the computer; music playing on the day; links to the real life weather report; a recording of the sound in my home; a few notes about my thoughts on the day; a virtual time capsule of conversations that occurred on my screen.

As an example, a friendly avatar I met recently in AM Radio’s wheat field asked if she could take a photo. Sweet. She sent me the pic today.

jazzydee in field
The photo brought back the mood and memories of the moment, even tho we didn’t meet face to face or set foot on actual land. If you weren’t there, the photo wouldn’t really have any connection for you. It probably just looks like a cartoonlike postcard. No memories of conversation, sounds, atmosphere, lighting, mood etc. I felt like fairy floss in an Emo landscape.

The photo might give you a glimpse into that surreal moment, but I would really need a lifelog to tell the whole story online.

More amazing snaps of AM Radio’s field on Flickr. If you buy a copy of the field, all proceeds go towards Heifer International feeding the hungry.

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