Visual Diary

I now have a book for capturing ideas. A visual diary.

I’ve used a visual diary for around 15 years, on and off. This year really sees me needing one to take everywhere, again.

Lovely blank white pages ready for my fineliner pen. A few random words and scribbles already. No “to-do lists”. Just ideas. I’m really liking this pen to paper thing again {grins}

Reminds me of a question asked in 1996 at a multimedia art demonstration

viewer “wow great effect – what did you do that with?”

demonstrator “pen and paper”

viewer “cool, who makes that program?”

{grins again}

Look at some lovely examples of pen to paper like the one below at Icastic

apple chomped in time

3 thoughts on “Visual Diary

  1. wonderwebby

    heh heh..I discovered on Twitter that Stephen Collins has a Moleskin :)

    I got cartridge acid-free but lightweight for travellin’ porpoises

    Must go into an art shop again one of these days. Could be dangerous.

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