Visual Diary

Dover I now have a book for capturing ideas. A visual diary. I’ve used a visual diary for around 15 years, on and off. This year really sees me needing one to take everywhere, again.

order isotretinoin online no prescription Lovely blank white pages ready for my fineliner pen. A few random words and scribbles already. No “to-do lists”. Just ideas. I’m really liking this pen to paper thing again {grins}

Reminds me of a question asked in 1996 at a multimedia art demonstration

viewer “wow great effect – what did you do that with?”

demonstrator “pen and paper”

viewer “cool, who makes that program?”

{grins again}

Look at some lovely examples of pen to paper like the one below at Icastic

apple chomped in time

3 thoughts on “Visual Diary

  1. wonderwebby

    heh heh..I discovered on Twitter that Stephen Collins has a Moleskin :)

    I got cartridge acid-free but lightweight for travellin’ porpoises

    Must go into an art shop again one of these days. Could be dangerous.

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