Voice of the Community

“It is through the arts that we are able to tell our stories, that we are able to give voice to the things that we hold dear in our hearts, our memories of people and place, our pains and our pleasures, our fears and our hopes for the future. By appealing to deeply held values, the arts can be a catalyst for social change, working to build caring and capable communities.”
Professor Andrea Hull AO
Chair, Centre for Cultural Partnerships

Image originally uploaded on Flickr by Melissa Robison

Now re-read and substitute “the arts” for “social media”. I’m thinking of the possiblities.

Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. Dream big dreams for 2009.

3 thoughts on “Voice of the Community


    As a drama teacher with an interest in social media I’ve been straddling both worlds with the goal of social change… I may do little more than put a marker on the trail but the journey is amazing.

  2. Barry Everett

    Your word substitution algorithm precisely defines my reasoning for Blog, Flickr, and Ning, to name a few of the new objects in my life this biennium. Since late 2006, I’ve met all sorts of wonderpeeps, including you and your list, ma’am. Sharing images, wonderings, wanderings and memories has definitely opened the fourth score of my life to new friends and old connections.

  3. wonderwebby

    Hi Kim and Barry. Thank you so much for your comments.
    Kim I would be very interested in getting to know more about the things you are doing. I have been following from afar but hopefully in 2009 we can get to know each other better! You certainly seem to have a genuine passion for things web2.0 and people.

    Barry, so glad you liked the “word substitution algorithm” (almost makes it sound clever!) and thank you for connecting here and on the other social networks!

    Have a great year ahead!

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