W is for Wonderment

Week 13.

How could I resist?

Ferris Wheel W carriage

W is for Wonderment (where imagination intersects with life – or “why I think it’s important to Play“)

W is for Wonderment
Lit Up Imagination
Ferris Wheels and Kindness
Flights of Inspiration

W is for Women
P for Poverty

H for Hope and Hoping Big
To make P History

W is for Wonderment
Of Life and Space and Play
Imagination’s Courtesy
To Put in Place Today

3 thoughts on “W is for Wonderment

  1. Marigo Raftopoulos

    Jasmin, your poem took me back (way back) to day-dreaming in the classroom, long live the dreamers! Your words – wonderment of life, space & play, really resonate with me as I believe that it’s this kind of wonderment that makes anything possible.

  2. wonderwebby

    @slpmartin – thanks :) Glad you enjoyed it. I still feel “funny” about sharing poems, because I’m not really a poet!

    @marigo I’m so happy to hear that. And yes, long live the dreamers.

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