Weaving in the Wonderful

Each day, scattered amongst layers of information on the web, I find pretty pictures. When I discovered the images of i.Anton I connected on Flickr so that her lovely images would appear in my RSS feed.

So, in between blog posts I find pictures such as these. I love i.Anton’s use of light, colour and composition, but I especially like how each picture captures a moment and makes it all *shiny*.

‘What we want art to do for us is to stay what is fleeting, and to enlighten what is incomprehensible, to incorporate the things that have no measure, and immortalise the things that have no duration.” John Ruskin(1819- 1900)

time passing

i.anton photo all rights reserved

bicycle by i.anton all rights reservedimages used with permission from i.Anton (thank you!).

You can add your contacts’ photos into your RSS feed by subscribing on the Flickr Contacts page (if you have an account) http://www.flickr.com/photos/friends.

Do you like to weave wonderful things into your webby experience? What are your favourite sources of inspiration? 

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