Week 2 of Wonderment

I was looking around for things to capture my imagination today, so I could whip out the iPhone and snap a photo for the Wonderment52 Challenge. Nothing jumped out at me. I even looked around my yard to find something. All I found were things that didn’t belong where they were found, thanks to my three monkeys.

This year my second boy starts school (prep) and we bought a plain art smock along with his uniform today. A pretty momentous occasion!

I asked if he would like to decorate it. A big YES. We quickly grabbed some fabric paint out of the cupboard. What started out as neat lines including a little orange house turned into bright silver and red swirls. Once I used my finger to wipe off a big dollop of paint from his smock, he realised that fingers were a much better way to play with the paint than squeezing it from the fine tipped tube :)

finger painting

He caught my imagination with his random, fun approach and I *only just* remembered to grab my phone to grab a few snaps of those fun, colourful moments. It was difficult to select just one but this is the house smudging moment, so I’m keeping it for posterity. Yes, it’s another ShakeItPhoto app picture, even though I planned to post a regular photo this week.

There have been some really lovely contributions to week 1 of the challenge. Thanks Jo for sharing the wonderment of your daughter floating in an imaginary world created by three generations.

floating in the middle of sandcastles at the beach

It’s not too late to join in this weekly challenge, looking for wonderment. Just leave your Flickr handle in the comments.  The challenge will conclude on December 31st 2010.

What captured your imagination this week?

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