Week 3 of Wonderment

24 hours

x 365

24 to live
24 to give
24 to sleep
24 to keep
24 to smile
24 in style
24 to laugh
24 so fast
24 to love
24 to love
24 to love
24 to love

Submitted for week 3 of the Wonderment Challenge #wonderment52 . Some wonderful submissions on the theme of wonderment so far.

Communing with Ducklife by @hwakelam

Bike Wall by @dwinter

footsetpsSigns of life
Signs of hunger
Signs of a path, beaten past my door,
Signs of living creatures
For whom this is home
Signs of a world beyond my ken
Living, breathing, scratching, searching
Scouring the cold hard ground
Of the yard outside my door

Signs by @eventfulpoet

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