Week 6 of Wonderment: Reinvent

Carrot peel twirled into still life

I was on the lookout for wonderment today. Before the day even began, I determined that I would look out for inspiration as I went about my day. You see – last week when I was trying to select a picture for the Wonderment Challenge –  it seemed too difficult. Others involved in this creative project shared similar feelings. Restricted by time. Limited by the iPhone camera. Just. Not. Happening.

So I decided to take a different tact today. I realised the day had flown by and I had nearly forgotten to take a photo for week 6. So I grabbed my phone and – no, I didn’t go looking for a pretty thing to photograph – I set about the things I had to do, with a motivation to look at my tasks with a creative and imaginative eye.

The result? I was peeling and cutting some carrot sticks for the kids. I was about to clean the chopping board when my eye happened upon the inviting orange swirls curled up in one corner. Perfect! I grabbed a Japanese dish and quickly arranged them haphazardly. Voila! I must admit, it was fun turning something domestic into something a little more dramatic :) Here is a black and white abstract version of the discarded carrot peel I created using the Retro Camera app.

Will you join me in the lookout for something to capture your imagination next week?

1. Join the Wonderment Flickr Group (#wonderment52)

2. Use your iPhone or similar basic camera. Apps are fine too!

3. Submit a photo for week 7 by next Friday.

I must say, I’m enjoying this project because it only takes a few minutes each week AND it is challenging my awareness of creativity to be found amongst the simplest things. When you play, discover and learn – you sharpen your skills to make a difference.

What do you think?

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