Welcome 2012

I like to plan. Just ask my husband. But last week I lived without any routine. I didn’t plan. I made no resolutions for the year ahead. I put my diary aside and instead spent time by the beach, went for long walks and enjoyed some time with our family and friends, enjoying each moment.
Beach Sunset
We swam, we ate, we relaxed and we ate some more. I enjoyed my morning walks along the beach in particular. It must be one of my favourite ways to start the day.


Today I’m back into routine. I’ve opened up my diary again. I’m ready.

I’m anticipating good things this year. My youngest child starts school this year. I’m excited for him. I’m also looking forward to a different pace; more hours in the day to work instead of squeezing tasks in between kinder pick-ups, to run errands as a mum is wont to do, to hang out with my friends, and to do the things I love. I’m going to learn more about gardening and spend more time outdoors. I’d like to walk everyday. To sleep more. I’m also celebrating a ‘significant birthday’ later this year, so I’m hoping to save up some pennies to buy a camera.I’m also meant to be going to New York for BlogHer in August. I’m still not quite sure how that will happen, but I’m at least going to renew my passport in hope!

I’d like to think that that I’ll be blogging more, writing more and painting again this year as these things make me happy. I’d like to cook new recipes and learn about food again. For work, we have a number of ebooks planned for Digital Photography School and ProBlogger this year, and another ProBlogger Event to plan, and I feel incredibly fortunate to be working on all of these things with a great team.

And in all of this, I’m hoping to keep giving. To live purposefully. To love my family and others.  If anything, if I were to create a mantra for the year, it’s something like this…

Keep Walking. Love Living. Respect.

And that seems just right.

We’re going to love living this morning by heading to the library. I’d love some recommendations of any ‘must read’ books for 2012. I’m starting the year with The Happiness Project, which I’m enjoying. I might pick out some books on gardening too. We also plan to keep cool…it’s going to be a hot day today!

I hope you have a wonderful day today and that 2012 is a year full of wonder, life and love. Realistically, if I look at my list of things above, I wonder if I’ll be able to get around any gardening, cooking or walking as much as I’d like to. After all, there are school lunches to pack and ironing to ignore. But even knowing that I’ll have just a little more time to do these things gives me confidence that this will be a very good year. It’s nice to have space, don’t you think?

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