What makes a company great?

What makes a company respected, special or important? Any ideas? If you’re up for a challenge – please answer the following three questions this week. I’ll be relaying the most informative answers back to IBM’s global marketing and communications group, who are interested in knowing your thoughts. Please leave your name, position and company details if you can (or email jasmin at wonderwebby dot com) and feel free to use video or other media to respond :) I look forward to reading the responses!

1. What company or companies do you most respect? Why? What makes them special and different from others?

2. Has “what’s important” changed over time? Did you respect different companies in the past? Why? What has changed?

3. What makes a company great? What characteristics are most important? How would you describe a truly great company?

Update: More opportunities to share your impressions of IBM over here on LinkedIn – and your experience at IBM overe here on the Greater IBM Connection