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I once made the mistake of asking a senior creative how he fell into his job. “Oh I certainly didn’t fall into it.” He replied, and gave me the details of his determined corporate climb into his version of success.

When I look back at the progression of my own professional career, I guess I haven’t really ‘fallen’ in to any roles either. Granted, some amazing opportunities feel like they came out of nowhere at the perfect time. But none of these opportunities would have happened if I didn’t know what I wanted, jumped in, continued to persevere, worked hard, and kept on dreaming.

Now I find myself in a dream job with a great boss and mentor, but I still continue to ask myself what I want. I think it’s helpful to know what you want in a few months, in a few years…and naturally, what you want right now. If you know what you want you can prioritise, make decisions more easily, give every moment your best focus. Things you want for yourself, your family, your community…and even things you want for the world.

Day 17.11 never give up
image courtesy of Frerieke

Do you continue to ask yourself what you want?

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