What Matters Now in Five Words

I know, I know, you’ve seen it tweeted and blogged about everywhere. But there are a several things I like about What matters now: the crowdsourced eBook from seventy “big thinkers”curated by Seth Godin.

1.  It’s easy to scan through, easy to find things, and easy to read.

2. You can link to stuff. Like the contributing authors. “Share me” links. And Room to Read.

3. It’s consistent.

4. It’s interesting (it took months for the team to put together, so I’m not surprised!)

5. Seth Godincurated” it. I like this concept of a digital content curator. It’s something that we can all easily do using social media. Some people are particular good at it, and it’s a skill I would like to practice some more.

6. It’s a call to action. From the first sentence “big thoughts and small actions make a difference” to invitations to share the ebook and expand upon it.

7. It’s often serious content, but it’s a playful concept. Have you ever joined in a group blogging or ebook project? It’s a great way to sharpen your creative thinking and your communication skills.

“What Matters Now” really is worth a look-see.

What Matters Now

Now here’s my very simple creative challenge to you based on this eBook. Which five words briefly sum up what matters to you the most right now, for 2010? Nouns, verbs, adjectives…just five words about what matters now.  Mine (at least some things I have been thinking about) are:

Refresh. Attention. People. Experience. Intention.

What are your five words? Please leave a comment or write a post to share what matters most to you.