When you’ve not been overseas in a long, long time

buy gabapentin 100mg When you’ve not been overseas in a long, long time

(The last time I went was in 1999)…

Okay that’s about as far as I’m getting with a poem today. But I AM excited about my trip to NYC  which is coming up in two weeks! Yes, it has been a while between trips overseas. So what does a girl need to know about travel these days? Where should I keep my passport? What is LAX airport like for transfers? What do I do for cash? What are your essential jetlag survival techniques? What should I be prepared for? How do I navigate the subway? I have five days of sightseeing in New York before two days at BlogHer. I’d love your advice.

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http://ndapak.com/123 All you need to do is write a comment below with your best travel tip for me. I’ll draw a random winner on Thursday 19th 2012 9am local Melbourne time.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to be inspired by random but wonderful instagram photos of New York.


New York skyline seen from Central Park.

Love Ate Hate #nyc #graffiti


Your local coffee shop


20 thoughts on “When you’ve not been overseas in a long, long time

  1. rachel

    Just remember that flying on post 9/11 USA is hardcore…shoes, belts, jacket all come off through security. All laptops etc have to come out of bags. They will even take your toothpaste if it is full sized. Be prepared to be searched and searched again, so bring patience but nothing sharp.

    1. wonderwebby Post author

      true Rachel, it’s going to a very different experience. Not planning to take my laptop or even my ipad at this stage. Jackets too hey? Good idea – I had better pack lots of patience (and earplugs so I can sleep so that I will have more patience!!)

  2. katepickle

    I have no advice as I last traveled overseas in 2001… I am still getting used to the fact that I can get on a local flight with just a piece of paper I printed at home! But wanted to say… have a FABULOUS trip!

  3. Shai Coggins

    Some geek-related tips:

    – Make sure you have an unlocked phone before you leave, so you can easily buy a local SIM to keep you connected. :)

    – Have a recharger with you at all times! Especially when you’re taking pics, Tweeting, Instagramming, etc. batteries run down really quickly.

    – Network in person, and online in real-time (Twitter is great for this). Warn your readers/followers about your event Tweeting. :)

    Some event-related tips:

    – Huge events can be quite overwhelming. Hard to choose specific sessions, but good to have a list of stuff you feel you MUST do, and people you MUST meet. Great guide to avoid being overwhelmed and gives some sense of satisfaction when you know you got to do what you came to do.

    – Sessions are cool, lots to learn from smart folks. But, if you get chance to meet and connect with important folks, always choose the personal connections. So worth it! :)

    Have fun! Should be wonderful. Can’t wait to read all about it. :)

    1. wonderwebby Post author

      wow thanks for the geekery-inspired tips Shai. You seem to be a very seasoned travel/conference attendee so I’ll take all the advice I can get from you! Charger – good reminder. Someone just suggested the Belkin Portable BAttery pack which I’ll look into. And yes, hoping it won’t be too overwhelming!

  4. Anna

    All you really need is your passport and a credit card/bank card – everything else can be purchased while you’re away.

    Inflatable neck pillow and if you can’t sleep and not travelling with kids restatvit to sleep on the plane.

    1. wonderwebby Post author

      Thanks Anna- will look into the restatvit and your voice as been in the back of my mind recently with some – ahem – ebay purchases. Did you have to pay exit tax on purchases when you came back?

  5. Varun

    Just some general advice and tech advice

    1.Carry a US->Australian wall plug. It will be very useful to use power your gadgets without having to purchase new wall chargers. Buy 2-3 if you plan to use them simultaneously.

    2. Carry along an unlocked phone if possible as your local phone might not work there or your operator might charge you a lot for international roaming. Get your phone unlocked by your operator if you are current using a locked phone. Also get a local sim for calls and tweeting / instgramming – t-mobile and at&t sell prepaid SIM cards called PayAsYou go

    3.always have a copy of your important travel docs , visa , insurance , tickets etc in your email ,laptop/phone luggage and hand luggage.

    4.If you are carrying checked-in luggage , do not put valuable items in there and also do plan for worst case ( baggage gets lost , delayed)

    5.always carry some spare garments along with you.

    6. in case you take medicines , do carry them from your country to US along with a doctor’s prescription.

    7.regarding cash , carry some spare cash with you. most international debit/credit cards work there but banks might charge an extra fee for international transactions

    8.Theft is rampant in any country where tourists visit, so make sure you don’t display your wallet in public places or use ATMs on the street.Also avoid speaking on the phone while outdoors.

    9. If you are planning to click a lot of pics , make sure you carry a nice camera along with a couple of spare batteries and memory cards so that you can re-live those joyful moments back home.

    10. And do print and carry your business cards. They are still useful !

    Hope you found the tips useful ! Have a fun trip !

    1. wonderwebby Post author

      wow that is lots of advice! Thanks so much. Great idea about the photocopies of important documents/tickets etc. I have some business cards but should probably get some more too. Lots of things to think about!

  6. Lorena

    LAX is not fun for transfers. At all. Probably the worst. Prepare yourself to wait in another security line after going through customs. NYC, depending on where you land, will require metro or PATH (if you’re flying into EWR). JFK you will need to do a AirTrain trip transfer to the A train or LIRR (Depending on where you’re going in the city). No clue on La Guardia, never been there. The airport security these days is nothing in your pockets (in the scanner things) and nothing over 3oz liquid/gel/paste and has to be a 1qt size see through bag. But if you’re checking bags, your liquids/gels can all be bigger sized.

    If you have a smart phone that will function in the States, that’s your best bet for subway navigation. Use StopHop website for trip planner there. Also, just ask people. NYC people are quite nice if you are nice to them (usually). Oh, and the trains will have multiple options — some are express train, some are local. So…if you study the map, it will make sense. After certain hours (late night) the express will run as a local train (even though still marked as whatever the express train line is) (I was just in NYC 2 months ago).

    I always travel with my essentials in my tiny purse, which never leaves my person or sight. I make copies of passport and put them into my main bag. Usually I carry about $40 in cash on travel days. Most places will take card these days (including cabs and subway ticket machines etc.), though US and foreign cards don’t always function the same.

    I’m sure you’ll have a safe and fun trip if you’re street smart. I move to NYC in 3 weeks, so, let’s hope it’s all fine there ;) Enjoy!

    1. wonderwebby Post author

      haha! Yes the theory is if I exhaust myself I will sleep all the way home on the plane, right? Thanks for the well wishes and see you at ProBlogger Training Event!

  7. Lisa Wood

    oH how nice! It would be so much fun to be going to the BlogHer conference as well as site seeing ;)
    Tips:- Have a bum bag with everything that you need – money, passport, ID etc so that its handy.
    Yet keep only a small amount of money, and the rest in your luggage or back pack! That way if you lose your bum bag then you will still be ok :)
    Wear good walking shoes so that you can see as much as possible without hurting your feet.
    Wear comfy clothes.
    Try to get some sleep on the plane over so that you are feeling ok when you arrive!

    Have lots of fun, take lots of photos and enjoy your trip….can I sneak into your bag?


  8. Kamini Navin

    What fun, have always wanted to do BlogHer, perhaps next year, when I have a good sponsor to sponsor my trip!

    It’s been ages when I American soil (having lived in Seattle in the early 90s) but from my experience with overseas travelling (solo and with family), here they are:

    1. Pack light with your basic staple wardrobe. A pair of jeans, 1 x pants/slacks. 3 x t-shirts, 3 x ladies tops, a blazer or jacket, a walking shoe, a comfy dress shoe or flats (for your BlogHer sessions), and a dancing shoes ( I presume there will be dancing-ahem!), PJ’s, plenty of undies, make up bags and toiletries! The rest you can get there. Always leave space for your shopping essentials. NY has some of the best vintage, thrift stores. Plus you would love Macy’s, Nordstrom Racks and more. More info here: http://www.yelp.com.au/biz/nordstrom-rack-new-york

    2. As the above reader said, be prepared to be searched at the airport. So where possible, allow plenty of time to get to your next gate and where comfy slip on shoes, as chances are security will ask you to remove your socks and shoes. Loose clothings works best when travelling by air.

    3. Carry on bag: I always carry my camera, a journal pad, iPad, wallet, coin purse, small make up bag for touch ups, small bag with toothpaste, toothbrush, face cream etc, a passport holder to hold passport, boarding pass, tickets, etc, a warm and long shawl (for those chilly evenings or something to keep you extra warm in the waiting room) and a good book! (or download e-books on your Kindle app)

    4. Where possible, ask your travel agent at the earliest possible time, if you could have the emergency seat ( leg room bonus!).

    5. Try and get as much sleep as you can get on the plane. The way I avoid jetlag is to assume the local time zone almost immediately. Onced I hit the hotel room, is to have a short nap, then hit the cold shower, have a nice cuppa and perhaps a lovely NY bagel and step into the local time zone.

    6. The hotel doorman is your best friend EVER! Ask him for easy to do walk routes around your block, the neighbourhood fav local cafe or food stall and chances are, he would also know where the local ladies are hitting the sales scene (if you’re into shopping)

    7. Bring Aussie mementos for your new found friends at BlogHer. It could be mini Koalas keychains, magnets or something related to your blog and your passion. You will be remembered by many. The Americans are very fascinated by koalas and roos..and they do not like Vegemite! A point to remember :-)

    8. I always pair my next day clothing the night before, so I get to save time during the next morning and enjoy a good hearty breakfast, before I set forth to take on the world :-)

    9. Where possible, visit the local 7 Eleven and store some food stash in your handbag. From what my dad tells me ( he lives in US), NY traffic is crazy, hence why people love walking from one block to another. So a candy bar, some nut packets, snack bar will come in handy when you are trying hard to hail a taxi or wait for the metro.

    10. Always carry lots of business cards, and where possible, carry a signature look. Perhaps you could wear a mini koala on your blouse, like a koala brooch, or a colourful Aussie scarf. Stand out and be different.

    p/s: If you happen to come across the gorgeous Sarah Byrden, editor in chief of Babble, tell her I desperately miss her!

    Have fun at BlogHer, safe travels and am sure you will bring back plenty of fond memories and a suitcase filled with Nordstrom and Macys goodness!

    Cheers, Kamini x

  9. Martin

    AT&T detect iPhones not bought from them and even if your Australian one is carrier unlocked, they won’t let you use data – something to know before you purchase prepaid data from them. I found a RFID shielded passport wallet at sirocco in the Lonsdale street for $15 if you have a new passport with a chip. US airports have always been fairly good as long as you cooperate these days..but it helps to have everything ready to pop on and off so ease security checks!

    The rest of my travel tips are in my article above!

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