Women Wired to Change the World

Over the last couple of years I have been encouraged by stories of women using the web to make a difference. So, a few weeks back I sent out an invitation to some women asking if they would like to be part of a special ebook. I asked those I knew, some I didn’t know, and I put out a general request on social networking sites Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

As  result sixteen amazing women generously shared their stories about all kinds of projects –  training women to lead treks in Nepal, rescuing orphans in China, nonprofit projects in Africa and all kinds of good causes – all using the web to help make a difference in their efforts. I feel really humbled that they participated in this ebook, which you can download for free on Lulu.com
Featured in WorldShapers ’09 –  Amy Jussel, Amy Sample Ward,Anita Pahor,Annie Le Cavalier,Daphne Nederhorst, Debra Arkanase, Eileen Clegg, Lucky Chhetri, Jyl Johnson Pattee, Karen Muanu, Marigo Raftopolous, Nancy White, Phaedra Boinidiris, Sandy Skees and Stacey Monk

As this was my first ebook, I’m very grateful to Joanna Young who provided me with some guidance and also pointed me to “how to create an ebook” Thanks also to AlpeniMi for the cover image.

Please have a read because I’m sure you will enjoy their stories. It was a real pleasure putting this together and I’m really thrilled to share it with you. Perhaps you’re about to embark upon your own journey. I’d love to read about it! I always enjoy reading your feedback, so please let me know how their stories resonate or inspire you. Enjoy!

Update: you can read more about the process of creating this ebook thanks to the very kind Debra Askanase who interviewed me for this blog post.