Women changing their world

Last year when I was asked to speak at Go Girl Go for IT, an event held for teenage girls to discover pathways for women in IT, I had to think hard about the topic for my talk. You see there were some wonderful women talking about their different experiences, from a career in media with the Vic Police, to IT contracts with Vogue in Paris and all kinds of careers that seemed to highlight that working in IT doesn’t just mean sitting in an office in a room full of nerds (yep – teenage girls still think IT is nerdy.)

One of the things I chose to share was the ability for a woman to make a difference in her world through the use of technology. So today my tribute for Ada Lovelace day goes to a woman changing her world. (Ada Lovelace Day is the 24th of March…yesterday in Australia, but still today in the Northern Hemisphere ok!)

Beth Kanter

Beth Kanter by Kino Eye

One of the things that really stands out about Beth is her absolute dedication to arts and community based organisations. She is a trainer, coach, blogger and social media strategy consultant to nonprofits. She shares information on her blog about effective ways of using social media with others. She finds ways to involve her kids in making a difference. Beth even takes time out of her incredibly busy schedule to help out with other nonprofit projects on the other side of the world, like my Women’s Investment project for Opportunity International :)

So Beth, I just want to say thank you for your contribution to the world and for inspiring other women to see the benefits of technology for social good!

What if you also want to change your world but you’re not sure where to start?¬† A bunch of amazing women summed it up for me at the recent Global¬† Dialogue Center event celebrating International Women’s Day: It’s a New Day! Renewing Ourselves, Changing Our World. The all seemed to share the same experience and advice:

Have a big dream.

Be fearless.

Then take small steps.

I would love to hear about other women who change their world with creative ideas and technology. Who can you think of? (Perhaps you even like to make a difference yourself…I’d love to see your blog or website!) How did you get started?