Wonderful webby plans for 2009

Welcome to a wonderful webby 2009. Right now I’m spending time with my husband and the boys, reading some books, and planning out my thoughts for the year on paper (away from the keyboard!) before things get busy! There are three projects in particular on my mind for the year – projects you can also participate in.

1. The Age of Conversation. I’m reading my copy of Age of Conversation II, a book written by 237 blogging professionals, on the role of conversation in marketing today. If you are planning ANY kind of social media strategy this year, I would strongly encourage you to buy this book (from US$12.50), as I’m sure you will discover some very clever, challenging and insightful tips and observations.  The proceeds from the book are going towards the Variety Children’s Charity. As one of the authors of the book, I’m hoping to further promote it this year so the charity can benefit. You can help too by placing a link on your blog or Facebook, on Twitter etc.

2. Women’s Opportunity. Last September I committed to raising enough funds to create a Trust Bank for a bunch of women in the Philippines. I have 6 months to go and $9,000 (Au) to raise. I’m thinking up some creative and webby ways to do this. I’d also be interested in hearing any ideas you might have. You can also help by adding a link to the fundraising page, or featuring slides on your blog or social network of choice :) and of course every tax deductible donation of $2 or more goes a long way towards helping a bunch of women out of poverty. I look forward to sharing a few details of the the businesses funded by the microfinance later in the year, and hearing how the finance has helped these women to step out of poverty. I am in awe of the assistance I have received from people so far to make it happen.


3. Inspecht HR Futures Conference 2009. I’m preparing a case study on informal learning for this one day event in February, where I will be briefly sharing some global informal learning (eg web2.0 for learning) initiatives from IBM and also ome examples of my own journey into social media. You can join in by attending or by sharing your thoughts with me on what you would like to know about emerging technology, learning and employee engagement.

I look forward to sharing some more wonderful things with you this year, especially as a few ideas sprout wings and as I discover more about the  VCA Centre for Cultural Partnerships and ways you can be involved in using social media for community cultural development (community arts) projects. I’m also looking forward to getting to know each one of you better. I always enjoy reading your comments, feedback and ideas and I value what you have to say. If we are not already connected on Twitter or LinkedIn please add me so I can get to know you some more.  Have a brilliant 2009 and stay tuned for the very first guest post on Wonderwebby this week!

7 thoughts on “Wonderful webby plans for 2009

  1. Daniela Meleo

    Best wishes for the New Year, Jasmin. Hope you enjoy your time off with the family.. I’m about to start a nice break down south. I’ve just recently been catching up with your blog & have really enjoyed what you’ve got to say. Let’s get in touch at work & see what comes up. DM

  2. wonderwebby

    Joanna thank you so much for your kind wishes and I look forward to collaborating some more this year.

    GGW I’m glad you found the podcast interesting.

    Daniela it’s so lovely to see your comment here. Enjoy your break and yes lets get in touch at work again this year. Happy New Year.

  3. Dan McCarthy

    Jasmin –

    This looks like such a great cause. In fact, you’ve inspired me to add a “Great Causes” section on my sidebar, and yours is the first on the list!

    All the best to you in 2009!

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