Wonderment and Possibility

Joanna Young has an interesting writing challenge happening on her blog over the next couple of months on the theme of ‘Possibility’, covering the language of possibility, writing beyond our sense of what’s possible and helps to make things happen, achieving (im)possible writing goal and  the promise of “a group writing project to help stretch the boundaries of what’s possible in blogland…”

Her post appeared in my RSS reader just after I read ‘The Value of Wonder’ by Chris Brogan where he challenges us to add some wonderment to our working day.

When I started this blog nearly two years ago I called it Wonderwebby because I like to wonder about the wonderful webby things. The possibilities. Just imagine. Dare to dream a little.

Image by *- mika -*
Image “Look to the Sky”  by *- mika -*

What sparks your imagination at work? How do you like to include ‘wonderment and possibility’ in your day?