Wonderment Is: Turning The World On Its Head

Whether you’re morphing a swing into a spinning thing


Or helping little hands to create funny legs,


If you’re cloud gazing on an Autumn day

photo of person watching clouds

Or playing a game with a ball and a hoop

photo of basketball and hoop

This is Wonderment to me:


Imagination in Motion

Hints of Puppetry

This post is my submission for week 10 of Wonderment. As Eventful Poet shared, this challenge is doing two things. In her words:

One, it’s shifting my perspective.  Guess what happens when you look for something wonder-ful each week?  Yep, you start noticing more and more sources of wonder.

Two, it creates a visual record of the year, 52 weeks of captured moments I’ll be able to look back on at the end of it.

What does Wonderment mean to you? Do you like to capture those moments?

One thought on “Wonderment Is: Turning The World On Its Head

  1. debbe kennedy

    Hi Jasmin,
    Great question! I’ve been thinking about it…:-)

    My wonderment: working in virtual space.

    I’ve been dazzled by the discovery that the HEART is our “sixth sense.” In virtual space, its capability is MAGNIFIED and MOBILIZED. People sense what’s in your HEART and you can feel theirs without sight or sound, quickly. It enables you to build TRUST faster and sometimes more deeply than in physical space, if your intention is PURE.

    RUMI appeared to discover this long before we did. “There is a place between VOICE and PRESENCE where information flows…” :-)

    Warm regards,

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