The Framed Ones

frames hanging in a shed

Tucked away
Rows of rusted parts
Stacked away
Fragments of yesteryear

Hanging high
Above the crowded curios
Several frames perched in tandem
Skeletons of stories past

Landscapes, abstracts
Memory’s signature
Once held
Within your wooden splints

But for now
You hang askew
Now – in this photo
The framed ones

Jasmin Tragas @wonderwebby for the Wonderment Creative Challenge
Photo taken at Montsalvat

This is my contribution to a new weekly creative challenge callled Wonderment. Harriet Wakelam and I were chatting on Twitter about how we were seeking a weekly creative challenge this year.  Something fun and inspiring, but not time consuming. Something easy enough to do on an iPhone.

And so, Wonderment was born. If you are interested in participating, just leave a comment with your Flickr ID and I’ll invite you. There is just one theme for the year: Wonderment “From illusion, to making a wish. Finding wonder and imagination in the everyday.” It’s up to you to submit a photo each week by Friday-ish (the last day of 2010 is on a Friday.)  At the end of the year you’ll have 52 photos to remind you of the things that made you wonder. You don’t need to write a poem. This one just sprung out at me from the image.

Happy imagining!

7 thoughts on “Wonderment

  1. Shai Coggins

    Great idea! I joined the Flickr group and I have been doing a Project 365 this year. Not sure how often I’d remember to send in a photo for this, but will see. Thanks for letting me know about it!

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