Wonderwebby's Explorers

Here’s a homage with some links to the people who regularly comment on my (still new-ish) blog. Thank you for the conversation and connection. It’s nice to see who comes to visit and know your thoughts also. In no particular order:

Gavin Heaton. I was introduced to Gavin’s blog via a link on Twitter. Gavin works in Sydney and blogs some great insight into social media and branding.

Barry Everett. I met Barry, from the US, here on Wonderwebby! We have since also connected on Twitter and had a meeting in Secondlife with a few others to discuss knowledge networking. I really admire Barry’s passion to explore the future of knowledge and innovation.

Jack Mason. Jack and I have very effective, regular mentoring meetings even though he lives in the New York and I live in Melbourne. We met through IBM’s blogging network last year and we discuss virtual worlds, social media, collaboration and loads of new ideas. I appreciate Jack’s ability to drive innovation.

Kieran – I met Kieran through another colleague in Secondlife and we communicate often via Twitter, IM, blogging and other social networks. She also has young children, works in the area of learning and is passionate about knowledge, technology, innovation, creativity, community and identity. When we meet up in Secondlife we discuss the future of learning and life – while we walk around virtual planets and fly through space. I wish she would blog.

Ringlerun, who I know in real life. He might like to rant, but he has a heart of gold and a curious mind with a passion for the ways IT can make life better.

Shai Coggins. I met Shai through Lee Hopkins’ blog. Self described as ” a professional blogger, published author, artist, geeky gadget girl, mum, and wife, with a Masters’ degree in Applied Psychology”. Shai seems to make creative things happen.

Rab. I met the Rab through Twitter (perhaps through a Facebook group about Twitter) I appreciate the things the Rab has to say about social media, innovation and Enterpise 2.0.

Ric Hayman. I think I met Aqualung via Andy Piper’s recommendation on Twitter. Aqualung explores Innovation and appears to be an all round Twitter-happy nice guy.

Jen Okimoto. Jen works in in Human Capital Management and has a real passion for Learning 2.0 and the transformation of the enterprise. I love how Jen shares her knowledge with her colleagues and customers.

Sagart – my one and only

Solanio7. Sol is a virtual worlds enthusiast who really explores what makes these worlds work and where they are going.

Douglas who has dedicated 1000 days to write a little, each day. We know each other through BlogCentral at work and IM. I appreciate his feedback and desire to “keep web2.0 real”.

Luis Suarez. Luis mentors me the area of social networking and learning in the Enterprise. You have to admire Luis’ zeal to live and explore this space, from his lovely location in Gran Canaria.

Andy Piper. Andy works in the UK and mentors me in my blogging and virtual world exploration. He really encouraged me with my blogging this year and got me onto WordPress and Feedburner. I also pushed him around in a shopping cart once – in iWoot in Secondlife!
standing in iWoot virtual store

While writing this list I realised how much my style of working, communicating and learning has changed over the last year. Thanks all for comments! It’s nice getting to know you all. *waves to other regular readers*