Words, cities, jetlag and the divine right of everybody to be creative

Lag lag lagetty lag. Your mind wanders and you try to make sense of time. What day is this? Have some supper with your breakfast.

Lists. I write one more. List list list. Work. Life. Things I want to change. Go and pick some flowers from the garden. You’re home.
The words move around the page. My list. It’s not helping, this time. So I go pick the flowers, which are heavy with raindrops. My scissors break. I fetch some more.
But worth the leap. Thank you garden.
I feel like New York has been calling me since I was 17. Stacks of Warhol’s Interview magazines filled my head with dreams. New York. She intensifies every creative cell. Every exchange is some kind of reflection.
HighLine NYC

We walked. We walked and walked. The humidity and grit of the city clung to each movement. The CITY. My mind still seems to be wandering the way it did in NYC. It wanders my page, expecting to turn the corner once again. To walk into the warm air of the subway. To be surrounded by the sights, smells and sounds of a new city.
We've been catching the subway everywhere :)
Now, between emails. I ring the local modern art museum. One family membership, thank you. New York awakened a sense of cultural debt to my children. An article in the in-flight magazine about the Boyd family summed it up, in a way.

“Growing up in the Boyd family was different.

Art was everywhere.

It covered walls and lined hallways, and was done casually in the mornings,as other families might do crosswords.”…

“Their parents, Merric and Doris Boyd, believed it was the divine right of everybody to be creative.”

Footloose outside the Guggenheim

Museums might not be the only place to find creativity. But it’s a starting point. We didn’t actually make it inside the Guggenheim (at least, not past the entrance), as it was closing time.  Sitting outside the entrance for a moment, to rest our feet, inspiration could still be found close to Frank Lloyd Wright’s (quite poetic) cylindrical creation.
The conference? I’ll write about that later, although I have to mention some women making a difference in their world made me cry. I didn’t expect to. But their bravery was exceptional.

Thank you New York. Your people were charming and pleasant. Your food was delightful. You even gave me good coffee.

I hope to visit again.


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4 thoughts on “Words, cities, jetlag and the divine right of everybody to be creative

    1. wonderwebby Post author

      yet I wonder if it’s more about the things I can bring back to right now.
      right there could be tomorrow.
      right now is better than good.
      I’m grateful. Still, there’s always room to dream :)

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