Working mum's medley

buy Lyrica from canada When I woke up early this morning the house was clean. By 8am it was looking….um, like an eclectic ensemble. While I was getting ready the youngest jumped on our bed and left an apple peel montage on my pillow. The older ones had fun taking photos of the house and each other and ate about three breakfasts. Which leaves me with three loads of breakfast dishes. Toys were played with, scattered, PJs were flung around. Milk spilt. Every room was explored and “decorated” by the time we made it out the door. But we left the house at a sane time of the morning. We spent time together. I avoided time in transit. I was able to drop off the oldest at school, say hello to his teacher – and I get to work from home today. On second thoughts…looking around at my eclectic’s quite fabulous, actually.

buy ivermectin scabies online Edit. With photos by my little monkeys. For Kieran.

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