World Poverty for Dummies

I have two copies of World Poverty for Dummies to give away as part of the Creative Challenge. Back in September when I signed up as a volunteer Ambassador with Women’s Opportunity (Opportunity International Australia) this book was endorsed on the recommended reading list.

World Poverty for Dummies includes an overview of world poverty, a history of poverty, covers topics such as women, bribery, the slave trade, human trafficking, impacts of climate chaos, economics and the levers of change, with ideas on how you can personally take action. The book contains a blend of statistics and personal stories by four authors who have worked almost exclusively in organisations dedicated to helping other people. Authors are Sarah Marland, Ashley Clements, Lindsay Rae (World Vision) and Adam Valvasori.

From Chapter 8 “Women: The World’s Poor”
Women are the poorest of the poor, the oppressed among the oppressed.”
“One of the most effective ways to end poverty is to work directly with women. Because women run the households in almost all societies, any improvements in their lives flow on directly to the lives of their families. Helping women helps entire communities”

How microfinance and trade banks help to bring“… a bunch of women in a particular community together , dispenses small loans to help those women set up a micro-businesses or grow their existing businesses. The loans may be as little as US$100 and are used to buy things like a sewing machine or livestock…..”

“These microfinance programs have much lower rates of loan defaults than are experienced by large commercial banks. And they work. It’s been proven that with a tiny injection of cash in the right place, whole communities can work their way out of poverty.”

It’s such an educational and interesting book, and you don’t have to do much to be in the running to win a copy. Simply submit a blog post, comment, or picture for this Creative Challenge before 21st Dec 2008, or make a tax deductible donation (over $2) towards a microfinance project for a group of women in the Philippines (if you do both, your name gets entered twice!)

This is a cross post from “A Woman’s Investment“. Because it’s important.

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