Writing without reason, blogging without meaning, creating without categories

Here’s my thought for NaBloPoMo day two: Create, for goodness sake.

It’s good to blog for blogging’s sake. Write for writing’s sake. The same way you can paint for painting’s sake, code for coding’s sake, cook for cooking’s sake. You get the picture.

By all means, having an idea, seeking a vision, knowing your purpose…we all need direction.

But sometimes we need the freedom to create, to share, to give a little of our ideas some form. To do that, we need to think of our blogs in a space apart from categories, tags, SEO and bullet point lists.


It helps us to find our creative voice, refine the way we express ourselves and practice shaping ideas. Perhaps even to find some contentment with our own words and pictures.

Not sure where to begin? Try starting a post with the last photo you took on your phone. Or if you usually write long posts, try expressing something in ten words or less.  Share something personal. Use a new medium – charcoal, paint, poetry…even fingerpaint. It doesn’t have to be perfect. See it as a small step towards something new. Then hit ‘publish’.

Do you give yourself space to create on your blog? What works for you?

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